1. Special Offer

    Xylo Cleaf- The Italian Collection 10% off Now

  2. New Stock Now available

    Over the last few weeks we have been updating our stock.....

  3. Egger Board Changes

    Egger have changed their range meaning a number of decors have been discontinued and replaced by other decors.

  4. Have You Ever Wondered What Timber Is?

    In short, timber is wood which is prepared for use in building and carpentry work. There are two types of timber; hardwood and softwood, but these terms refer to the trees used rather than their properties.

  5. 2 Great Offers

    2 Great Offers on 30mm Maple and 18mm Aubergine while stocks last!

  6. This Months Most Popular Finish

    Find out which of our finishes won most popular finish this month...